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D'Angelo Barksdale using a public phone in The Wire, HBO

Will Digital Transformation ever end?


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HBO serie The Wire first broadcasted in 2002 shows the digital transformation that we lived. What will be next? How will this end?

It is ironical to start a blog on digital transformation with a public phone boost, isn’t it? For an explained reason, I am only watching now, the awarded serie The Wire. No spoil, I promise. At the same moment, I am opening this blog Digital Tribune to talk about digital and transformation. 

Digital transformation is about adaptation

In the first season of The Wire, drug dealers were using phone boots. As they understand that those phones would be wiretapped, they moved to disposable phones in the 3rd season. If a season of The Wire would have been created today, the gangsters would probably have used encrypted messaging app and cryptocurrencies.

Another example: to take photos of the bad guys, I am sure that Baltimore police is not using anymore film camera. Anyway, Nikon just announced [1] that they will stop their last model using a film. Surveillance cameras do not need video tapes anymore but are now able to recognize faces (not talking about data privacy issues that this could cause).

In The Wire, Drug dealers and the police of Baltimore, like a reminiscent of a game of cat and mouse, are all adapting. It must be the same for our companies, our products. Digital transformation is about adaptation. Even if you have a good business today, nobody can guarantee that this will stay unchanged for a long time. So, how do you reinvent your business model, your product. How do you disrupt yourself?

Let’s first start with a definition.

Digital Transformation (DT) is the adoption of digital technology to transform services or businesses, through replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology. [2]

Therefore, this blog, will talk about digital technology, transformation and adoption. And finally, to answer the question in the title: when will this digital transformation ends? Probably, it will never end as technologies are always changed, improved, replaced.

Photo credit: HBO

[1]Nikon Has Finally Discontinued the F6, Its Last Film SLR: Report
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